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What is a Sales Success Group?

PSN members get together and talk about sales during a brown bag lunch, coffee, cocktails or a walk and talk. Members share successes and cheer for each other. They also discuss their challenges and brainstorm ways to increase sales. The group decides how long, how often, and where they will meet. It can be a mastermind group, where members read blogs or books about sales, and discuss and/or have free flowing information.

How Can You Form a Sales Success Group?

Any member of PSN can start a group by contacting the president or vice president of PSN. Give us a call or e-mail

Current Groups:

  • Midtown: Nikki Young, Sharon Callanan, Dianne Robak, Maria Gerlinger, Vanda Disconescu, Sydney Chavez
  • Sparks: Julie Macc
  • South Reno: Melanie Galvin

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