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Sales Training

Truly committed to investing in your success by bringing you events and training opportunities to sharpen your skills.

PSN is a diverse group of women and men that share a mutual purpose to grow, learn and improve in sales. We were founded in 1985 as a not-for-profit organization. Our meetings are set in a luncheon format with an agenda designed to motivate, encourage and most of all EDUCATE! We offer a platform for small and large business to have a consistent and affordable way to provide themselves and their staff with sales training and support. PSN brings in accomplished speaker/trainers from outside and local markets.

2 Premier Events/Year

We are proud to be a part of the community by giving back to out-reach groups such as Life Changes (picture of large check), Awaken, Northern Nevada Food Bank and many more. Our largest fund-raiser is Sales Woman Of The Year (SWOTY) (link to SWOTY PAGE) in this event we raise money in ticket sales and an hold amazing silent action while we are recognizing some of the finest business women in our local market.

PSN also hosts the only sales summit training in Northern Nevada. Sierra Sales Summit offers an opportunity for businesses to provide exceptional all-day sales training locally at a reasonable price. See more here.

Network with Other Professionals #BuildYourTribe

Not only are we big on training, we are also big on connecting. There is always a huge opportunity to connect and network at all our events! Once every quarter we dedicate one luncheon to active networking, in this we are encouraging our members and guests to meet each other through an activity or game. So you will be talking to people that maybe you normally wouldn’t.

In addition, we network with 3 other groups in the area who have given PSN members the permission to attend their events at member pricing:

Opportunities to Promote Your Business

There are many opportunities to grow and promote your business. By sponsoring PSN, you are given the opportunity to advertise directly to our membership through our website, mailing list and events. Also as a member you will be included in our Members Only Facebook private group! Here you will be able to communicate with other members and offer specials that pertain to your business. Lastly sometimes the best way to promote your business is belly to belly, you are your business and ultimately that is what people buy, there is always an opportunity to present yourself. This can be done by donating a raffle and getting the opportunity to explain who YOU are. The opportunities are endless, we have a large group of over 130 members, which makes it easy to find a connection.


Your membership includes the opportunity to attend two different lunches a month. Our Reno Luncheon is held on the 2 nd Tuesday of every month. Each quarter we feature a Sales/Business training, Motivational/Personal Growth Training and Active Networking. The Capitol City Luncheons are held on the 3 rd Tuesday of every month reflecting the same pattern, has different speakers from Reno’s meetings to keep it interesting.

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  • Sierra Sales Summit
  • Saleswoman of the Year Awards
  • Active Networking & Interactive Events with Other Professionals
  • Committed To Providing A Learning Environment For Saleswomen At All Levels
  • Presents Experts Who Bring The Newest Information And Techniques To Help You Succeed